GS Hornet H 242 cm

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GS HORNET H 242 cm, type 402, Double knife system alternating scythe tractor with front suspension, hydraulic drive

The GS Hornet H alternating scythe features a new two-axle swing mechanism that allows the scythe frame to follow the terrain perfectly. A new narrow cross-section hitch bar assembly ensures minimum forage disturbance while maintaining optimum work. Improvements follow tradition, with the new crank mechanism maintaining strength and robustness, ensuring maximum performance even under the most intensive loads.

The scythe can be mounted on any tractor equipped with the appropriate hydraulic actuating circuits, which

universal three-point hitch. It is low power demanding, hydraulically powered, and can be used for mowing alfalfa, lentils, chickpeas, clover, seeded and natural grasses.

The machine has minimal vibration during operation
With this machine the forage crop will not be contaminated with soil
The automatic system prevents malfunctions in case of unexpected shocks during operation

All the machines and equipment included in the quotation comply with the relevant European directives, standards and the Hungarian legislation, standards and environmental regulations transposing them.

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