SWEERE dry bean harvesting machine


Tractor with front 3-point suspension, single-step system, full working width cutting, lateral levelling. This machine uses two pivot axles to pull the crop cleanly out of the ground. The pick-up fingers then grip the crop and place the plants onto the conveyor belt. To complete the operation, the conveyor belt transfers the crop to one side and the machine forms a side order.  The order forming harvester is available in 4 and 12 row versions. Tractor rear suspension option (reversible for tractor models with driver's seat). For this bean harvester, we recommend the full length reversible rotating conveyor belt, so that the crop can be arranged on the left or right side of the machine, with the added advantage that the crop can be cut side by side due to the working width of 2 x 3 m.

Working width: 300 cm
Hydraulic rod drive
Front support wheels
Complete separation system with plastic wear plates
Roller distributors
Front and rear mud scrapers (complete set)
Eight-finger pick-up harvesting adapter
Quick connect coupling with sliding plate
Front suspension 4 knife distribution system with tractor hitch
Tractor power requirement: 150-170 HP
Sickle separator module for lateral row separation
Full-width, reversible rotation transfer belt

SWEERE Double Master II. dry bean thresher

DM IV model 2018 (4)

The Double Master II is a versatile machine that can be used for picking and threshing peanut and dry bean varieties. This machine is suitable for harvesting peas, dry beans and peanuts regardless of field or weather conditions, allowing the user to produce a quality product.

Technical description:

Type: trailed harvester, width of inlet opening: 180 cm, machine weight: 3 750 kg
Equipped with a standard-width pick-up
Rotor feed, tractor power requirement: 85 HP, 2 hydraulic connections required
FABI: low impact, active flow system
Guide roller to feed the crop into the threshing unit, spring-loaded pick-up fingers (90 pcs.)
Concave grid with 20 mm diameter holes
Main grid with 4,8 mm diameter holes
Adjustable cleaning unit with powerful suction fan
Bucket elevator, buckets in polyethylene material
Large storage tank, storage capacity for beans: 3000 kg
Dry bean harvesting capacity: 2 Ha/h depending on soil conditions
TLT Cardan set: Walterscheid wide-angle cardan shaft + automatic safety clutch
Hydraulic drive for better adjustment to the forward speed
Tine frame and roller on the pick-up with an in-flow roller, serrated frame and side plates to help the crop flow more efficiently
Spare parts kit

Bean seed producers have established germination rates. If there is a crack in the seed coat, the germination rate is less than 40%. The manufacturer has already demonstrated to seed producing warehouses that they can meet the requirements and specifications for germination. These machines have been working to standards for 10 years in the dry bean harvest and the producing warehouses have over 100 of these machines in operation because they can meet the required germination rates by working with these threshers. The harvesting operation, opening the bean hulls by rubbing the beans with the Ctrl+B key rather than by hitting the hulls with the normal threshing unit of the combine harvester.

Users have long found that using our thresher does not damage the bean seeds and the germination rate is 90-95%. In France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy, these machines are already used as standard machines to ensure a high quality end product. Processing plants that preserve beans do not like to see any cracks in the skin of the bean seeds in the jar. Cracks appear on the bean shells when the beans are soaked or blanched before being put in the jars.

Our machines are equipped with an elevator with buckets of polyethylene material, not a trap-plate elevator like a normal combine. The bucket elevator gently picks up the small buckets and transfers the bean seeds to the hopper without causing any damage.

Another great advantage of our machines is their cleaning system, which, with the right adjustment, cleans the beans as they move so that they enter the tank with almost no significant contamination. Another advantage is that our machines do not smear / contaminate the bean shells with dust or soil residues, which is often seen with normal combine harvesters. Please find attached pictures of our threshing unit. 

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