GS Hornet 242 cm

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GS Hornet - double blade version 402
After half a century from the presentation on the world market of the innovative double blade system, the new frontal mower GS Hornet equipped with the Ground Control parallelogram system is born from the Research and Development department of Gribaldi & Salvia S.p.a.. This new kinematic motion with two oscillation axes, allows the cutter bar to perfectly follow the ground contours and, thanks to the special indicator, to keep under control at any time the excursion still available. A new connecting rod movement unit with a narrow cross-section was also designed and implemented in order to achieve minimal forage entrainment and also optimise work in combination with the GS Dragonfly. Innovation has not abandoned tradition, in fact this new crankshaft mechanism maintains the solidity and robustness that characterises the heart of the GS rear mowers, guaranteeing maximum resistance even under the most intense stresses.

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