Exclusive distributor: Ádám és Társa Kft.

Manufacturer:Lupus, Poland

Dimensions: 780 cm H x 440 cm W x 290 cm D

Weight: 1900 kg

In Europe, double thread harvesting is becoming increasingly popular among farmers. In addition to the harvester shown here, we also offer our own harvesters for those who prefer this method.

The 5m working width tractor TLT driven towed belt harvester shown here can be used for the following crops, among others: wheat, rye, barley, rape, lucerne, grasses, buckwheat, flax, millet, soya. Width of the mown row: 150 cm, speed of rotation adjustable to ensure optimum working conditions.
Technical characteristics:
Working width: 500 cm
Tractor power requirement: min. 80 HP MIN.
Cutting height: 7-25 cm
Working width: 1,6 - 2,2 m
Height of working rollers: max. 0.6 m
CE certificate
Working speed: 5-8 km/h
Transport speed: max. 15 km/h
Reaper unit: finger-cutting blade, alternating motion
It takes max. 10 minutes to move the machine from the working position to the transport position
Suitable for use with tractors with front-wheel drive

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