This kind of irrigation system normally consisting more than one spans which can worked automaticlly by local power or generator.It will depand on the local situation. The water supplied by a pulled water hose drawing from a well or channel or dam.

This kind of machine fiting to the rectangle shape of land,and high  efficiency irrigating can help client to increasing the output of crop so much.

As for two wheel linear move irrigation machine,if the machine width within 300m ,we normally advise client to using two wheel linear move irrigation system,if the length of machine more than 300m,we will advise client to using four wheel to instead of two wheel,it will more stable for the central chassis of machine.

wo wheel linear move irrigation system allows a  BACK AND FORTH  movement in the land,max within 300m  and not allow to use the 61.3m king span,this kind of linear move irirgation system will fit to the small or middle size of rectangular land.Tower with alex and two motorized 14.9-24 irrigation tire.


Main pipe diameter of sprinkler irrigation machine

6-5/8 (168mm*3.0mm)

Standard span of sprinkler irrigation machine

6-5/8"(168mm) *54.5m(8 pipes)

King-sized span

6-5/8"(168mm) *61.3m (9 pipes)

Cantilever pipe


King-sized cantilever pipe


Pipe length

22 feet/one, (6.7m)

Sprayer of sprinkler irrigation machine

USA Nelson sprinkler or Sennigar sprinkler

Power supply mode

generator or  local power company provide

Main pipe Flange

Thickness:10mm(double welded technology.)

Working voltage


Tire type of sprinkler irrigation machine

14.9 - 24 professional  irrigation tire with galvanization rim

Span body tower structure

adopt “V” model tower

Main cable

4*4mm²+6*1.5mm²(resisting ultra violet and aging) or high quality 11 core cable(can customerized)

Motor speed reducer

USA standard motor and gearbox with five year gurantee time

The end

high quality LED working  light

Motor power of sprinkler irrigation machine

0.75~1.5 horse power

Motor speed reducer

output speed of electric transmission gear box :28--86RPM

Sprayer spacing

2.29m (also can customerized )

Irrigation intake

1 water inlet in center point

Irrigation intake caliber

8 inches, the spot water supply pipe is more than 6 inches.

Irrigation intake pressure


Standard irrigation truss height from the ground


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