Centralised rotary irrigation (5ha)

The Center-Pivot irrigation system is suitable for the circular irrigation of a given area. Its size depends on the length and number of stems. This method can be used to irrigate areas of several hectares (large-scale crops). It is made up of two main units: the central unit and the stem line.

Water can be supplied by diesel or electric pump. The water is fed into the central tower and is delivered to the area through nozzles spaced evenly apart on the stem line. The wing hose is moved by electric motors controlled by a central control unit. Power can be supplied from the mains or from a diesel generator. The pipeline is available in galvanised needle or aluminium and in different diameters. The ducting is available in two span sizes: standard (54.5m) and king size (61.3m).

The central rotary irrigation system is also suitable for watering high-growing crops.

Technical specifications:


Total length: 126 m

Configuration: 54,5m span X2 (168mm pipe diameter) +2X6,7m, overhang (141mm+101mm)=123,1m


Total length: 178m

Configuration: 54,5m span X3 (168mm pipe diameter) +2X6,7m, overhang (141mm+101mm)=177,6m 


Total length: 252m

Configuration: 54,5m span X3 (168mm pipe diameter) +48m span (168mm pipe diameter)+ 41m span (168mm pipe diameter),=253,2m     

Volume flow (water flow): 250 m³/h
Hot dip galvanized steel pipe
Spray head: Nelson D3000 (54pcs)
Nelson Nelson (Nelson Nelson Nelson, Nelson Nelson, Nelson, Nelson)
With UMC motor
Motor power: 0.75~1.5 Le
Input pressure requirement: 2 - 3 Bar
Operating voltage: 460-380 V/ 50-60 Hz
14.9-24" with professional wheel and galvanized rim
Watering distance 2.29m, but can be customized
Control unit: standard control panel
Water supply: at the central tower

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